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MIT Blackjack Team

Anybody who is in the habit of playing blackjack must have come across the book Beat the dealer, by Edward Thorp. The idea of the book originated form his earlier days as a mathematics professor at the Massachusetts institute of technology also commonly referred to as MIT.

The blackjack game became increasingly popular in the 1990s in Boston after a club of blackjack players with particular strategy in the game went ahead to form a group known as the strategic investments soon after finishing college. The club was comprised of specially selected astute blackjack players who had perfected the art of playing the game by carefully studying and mastering the techniques in Edward Thorp's book, "Beat the Dealer."

While the team had a legal entity in the name of strategic investments, it latter fell apart as the team lacked an elaborate long term business strategy leading to the break up. After the break up, one of the founder members decided to start a new entity. The ring was made up of exemplary players that he personally picked based on their mastery of the game. This team was called the MIT blackjack Team and their strategy in play included a combination of Thorp's theories and other mathematical theories.

After a successful terrorism of the casinos and other gambling houses, the team was divided further into two groups namely the Reptiles and the amphibians. Each team had a specific role with the reptiles being in charge of bringing down the gambling houses while the amphibians busted Vegas. It was often speculated that the groups had about 25 members even though their returns point to the fact that they may have been more members.

Having perfected and mastered the game, the groups became a feared lot in casinos and other gambling spots forcing casino managements to try and adjust the rules. A case in point was the grand opening of a casino in Pennsylvania where the two teams arrived and jointly unleashed their act on the house leaving with a total of $250,000 and $330,000 for the amphibians and reptiles respectively. The house was subsequently forced to re-look at their dealing rules especially on the blackjack.

After a series of successful winnings across the world, the co-founders of the MIT blackjack team opened an institute form where the blackjack game was taught. They called it the blackjack institute. They concentrated on teaching their winning system in the institute. The compilation of their winning system is now available for sale to the public.

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