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Card Counting Techniques

Card counting techniques improves the player's real chances of winning odds at a blackjack game. By implementing a correct card counting technique, it is possible to turn the house advantage from the usual position where it favors the dealer to a position of advantage to the player. The card counting techniques vary and come in different methods from simple ones to more complicated counting techniques. Whether to choose a simple technique or a more complicated depends on your level of competence as a blackjack player.

A casino of online blackjack allows the player to test their blackjack skills where they are not timed and are never under the pressure from monitoring cameras. It is possible to write down results on paper while playing blackjack online just to help you understand where you are. Such an opportunity is not available in real place casino where you are timed and all moves are constantly monitored.

Basic High-Low Card Counting.

The effectiveness of a hi-lo card counting technique is estimated to be 97% in favor of the player. The technique groups all cards in three groups as follows;

From 2 to 6 = 1

From 7 to 9 = 0

From 10 to A =-1

By adding all cards using these values the final answer is a zero. The counting method tells the player the predominant cards in the deck whether they are high or low. A high count value implies there are more 10s, face cards and Aces which give the player a comparative advantage as you have greater chances of hitting a high number. A low value implies smaller value cards remaining which give the dealer a comparative advantage. When 10s and Aces remain in the deck, it gives the player a greater chance of hitting 21 and finding the blackjack and there is also the possibility of busting the dealer and discover a secret of how to win at blackjack.

Uston SS Card Counting System.

The Uston SS card counting system has a more accurate betting correlation of 99% and is more advanced than the basic Hi-lo system though it uses more or less the same idea save for the fact that it groups the numbers into 6 rather than 3s as follows;

2, 4, 6 =2

5 = 3

7 = 1

8 = 0

9 = -1

10 - A =-2

This counting method is simple but sometimes is confusing because the several number values assigned.

Using the correct counting strategy enables the player to make right decisions even on insurance issues after knowing their chances in a blackjack game. There are various counting methods but it is left to the player to select a method the player is comfortable with.

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