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How to Play Blackjack

Learning Blackjack

Many people have learnt how to play Blackjack all over the world. Blackjack is played in real casinos and on online casinos globally. The rules for playing Blackjack are relatively simple and easy to understand. A little explanation suffices to enable some one who has never tried the game grasp the whole concept of how to win at blackjack. It is important to take note of the fact the player needs to Hit the dealer's hands without busting. Going over 21 is known as busting in the game of Blackjack and is interpreted as a loss on the player and a win on the dealer.

Since blackjack is a game where people bet real money, a loss means losing your bet and all the money. A player requires to get closer to 21 without Hitting more than 21. Some blackjacks have only one deck while others have more than one but one deck gives an advantage to the player. For a starting hand the player needs to put his bet in a designated spot chips which is placed in front. After putting your bet the dealer offers the player two cards facing up while he also takes two cards one facing up and the other facing down. As a blackjack player there are certain play options available for you to choose from as you Hit towards 21.Moreover, such a technique as card counting usually helps a player to beat blackajck.

Playing Blackjack

The term Hit means you the player are adding one card to your hand. To Stand implies the player is hesitant to play and has opted to wait and not take additional cards. A Split means you are introducing separate hands and this requires the player to put another bet on the table. Double down is the terminology used for demanding an additional card and the condition is that you must double your bet.

The dealer allows you to play first until you either say Stand or go bust. A bust on the side of the player is a definite win for the dealer but when you Stand the dealer starts their hands. They also follow certain rules which may vary from casino to casino. In most cases the dealer will have to Stand on a hard 17 or higher though this may also vary from one casino to another. The dealer would have to continue hitting until they get a 17-21 or bust. If the dealer busts, then the player wins automatically if the player had said a Stand. And this would be irrespective of whether the player had hit 21 or not. It is for this reason that sometimes it is better to leave the possibility of a dealer busting when you notice you may bust.

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