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You agree that it will be your own risk that you are using and visiting this website. That means if you use your own secret and valuable information in here then this site has no option to give you the warranty about the safety of your information and data. This site is beyond about any warranty for its users for any causes and if you lose anything or something by visiting or using this website then you can't blame this site for that. This site editor has its own rights to avoid any type of warranty for its users.


You will get no warranty from the site editor and you have to visit the site with the risk to face any type of problem and when you will face any problem then you will be on your own, the site editor will not help you to remove the problem. The site editor does not guarantee the safety browsing, intact information, error-free data, and virus-less, timely-manner, accuracy, reliability and standard quality of the site.

Browsing and Downloading

The site editor does not provide the warranty for the safety while you are browsing the website or you downloading something the website. When you download the software or anything from the website, your computer can be harmed by viruses or worms and you can lose valuable data and information. When you downloading software, the software can be corrupted by viruses and the site editor will not be responsible for that for that case you have to download again. You have to do the whole process with your own risk.


There are some states where rules are different from others, they allows some warranties for the citizens of their area. Those areas have some warranty rules and for those rules you will get warranty from the site editor but rest terms and conditions will remain same. So you have to remember every time that you will risk yourself while visiting this website.


You have to agree that this site will not be responsible for any type of damages of your account and information. The damages can be anything like your profits, data, information, content, financial information, goodwill etc. this damages can be described by the site but site editor will not be liable for that. This can be occurred by

  1. Inability to utilize the service of the site
  2. You have to pay cost for something when you make transaction using the site
  3. If you use unauthorized access or change the data transmission
  4. Third party employment
  5. Other matters involving with the service


In some states, limiting the responsibility is not permitted and the limitation will not work on you but these are exception so you must prepare for risking yourself.

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